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Welcome to our web site!
We've been selling great books since 1990 and pride ourselves in providing our customers with the lost art of personal service.  You can order from us over the phone (the quickest, most efficient way) or, contact us by e-mail. Better yet, please visit our retail location in the heart of the Village in beautiful downtown Carlsbad, California.
We are a real book store and the opposite of cyberspace, a browser's paradise with thousands of softcover and hardcover titles to choose from: contemporary thriller/adventure; romance & historical fiction; mysteries & hard-boiled crime fiction; fantasy & science-fiction; western & nautical fiction; literature & poetry; arts & sciences; religious & spiritual doctrines and philosophies-eastern and western; healing-eastern and western; military, nautical, western Americana, native Americana, ancient Americana, Celtic, Irish, British, European, natural, medieval & ancient histories; metaphysical subjects in all areas; biographies, memoirs & travel essays; psychology, leadership, business & motivation; children's & young adult; trades, crafts and art technique; horticulture; sports, games & hobbies; vintage pocketbooks of all genres and much more.
Casual readers or serious scholars, shoppers for contemporary titles or hunters of the ancient, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for or better yet what you're not looking for. Life-long readers know that the most awesome, life-changing books you'll ever find are the ones that find you, not what Oprah, the New York Times or the book clubs tell you to read. There are books here you've never heard of before and will never see again, so come visit and take home an experience. We carry thousands of in-print books at discounted prices. There are several thousands more that are scarce and out-of-print and more going out-of-print at an accelerated rate that promises only to increase.
Located just a few hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean, we are surrounded by dozens of great restaurants and shops. So make us your destination or part of your itinerary and bask in the ambience of one of the last remaining actual book stores in a world of corporate sameness and virtual mediocrity.
Call anytime to check on a title you need or e-mail us your wish list. A lot of books leave here under the radar as people have requested them so they never reach our shelves. So we're always glad to help keep an eye out to fill in the holes on your shelves to create room on ours for incoming treasures.
Remember, we specialize in averting literary emergencies and allaying "bibliochoriophobia" (the fear of running out of books). i actually made up this word with the help of a greek scholar and one of our customers, Susan, because i couldn't find it anywhere, even in the OED.  
*****We are always appreciative of donations. Unlike institutions that get all their books and help for free and throw away a lot of donations simply because they get so much or make disposing decisions based on religious or personal prejudice, we will treat your generosity with respect.  So if you're in a giving mood and looking for a place that will find a home for the books you're done with; if you're a true bibliophile who believes in helping keep alive a vanishing sector of the literary world and wants to help put the few of us that are left on a competitive playing field with institutions that do not have overhead; we're your folks.  
Recent Friends of Farenheit 451 who have been more than generous in donating some really great books:
Adam, Adrian, Alyssa, Andrew & Cameron, Anita & Ken, Aurea, Barbara, Bill, Bonnie, Bradford, Brian, Chris K., Chrysler & Royetta, Dan, Dan & Victoria, Diana, Don, Earl, Elizabeth, Eric, George, Harry, Jacob, Jane, Jane & Eric, Jenny, Jim, Jimmy D., Josh & Jamie, Kaine, Kari, Kevin, Kim, Kristin, Linda,  & Erin, Matt & Kirstin, Mattie, Mike, Mike D., Misty, Nancy, Nancy & Patrick, Paul, Penny, Ron & Ruth, Rory, SarahScott,  Shannon, Sharise, Sharon, Sheila, Stephen, Susan, Tom, Tom R., Tony & Kim, Mr. & Mrs. Stafford, Vincent & Crystal, Vivek and hundreds of others going back over 22 years whose names have vanished from memory but not the faces.
Whether you are donating, trying to sell or wanting to trade books, please call Phil for an appointment. 
Please support your local book stores wherever you are.  They're all going away - big or little, new or used unless YOU buy REAL books from REAL bookstores. The only way they can exist is if you care enough to shop real instead of shopping cyber. It's especially important to give REAL books to children so they'll remember what they're missing if they find themselves in a future without real books.  The future of REAL books is up to
Carol Phillips:  research, sales, archival materials applications, backstock retrievals, display artist, organizer & alphabetizer-in-chief, brains of the operation
Phil Phillips:  research, sales, appraisals, repairs and restoration, pricer & randomizer-in-chief, backbone of the operation


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